Jeff is no longer taking any trips, refer to his links page for a guide he recommends.

I started sight fishing in the Florida Keys in the '60's. I fished with some real good fishing guides from Islamorada to Key West. When I met Keys fishing guide Jeff Belsik in the mid-'90's, I knew I had found the man whose passion for permit and bonefishing was and is unbeatable. My wife and I do most of our fishing in March, when it's usually very windy. Capt. Jeff gets us to one great spot after another, finding us shelter and keeping us dry along the way. His knack for knowing where to find permit is amazing. Time and time again, we've had multiple fish days and sometimes hundreds of opportunities. He takes us to many interesting and beautiful spots throughout the lower Keys, but when I feel like fishing the upper Keys, he always knows where to go. Florida Keys fishing guide Jeff Belsik has guided me to many permit in the 30 to 40 lb. class, and lots of big bonefish,we even got one permit about 50lbs.,near Duck Key in the late '90's. He’s the hardest working and most determined Keys fishing guide I've fished with and we generally book him for two to three weeks every March. So if you want to book him, forget about the last 2 weeks of March and lst week of April, 2010, 'cause I got him, baby, and my wife and I can't wait to see him again!! Bruce & Lucille Garland

I’ve been fishing with Florida Keys guide Jeff Belsik for 14 years in the back country. He’s become more than a guide, he’s my friend. This type of fishing isn’t easy, but that’s what makes it so rewarding. When you see a bonefish, permit or tarpon and get him too take the bait, set the hook, and listen to that drag sing, then take the advice Jeff is giving. He knows how best to tire these fish out. He’s truly a passionate Florida Keys fishing guide, I think sometimes he wants me to land that bonefish, permit or tarpon more than I do. Believe me I’m a much better fisherman having spent the amount of time on the water with him that I have. If you take his advice you’ll land some great fish. I always see fish with Jeff, which is all you can ask of your guide. See you end of May 2010 for some more great bonefish, permit and tarpon action. Randy S. Arlington Hts, IL

Jeff it was an absolute pleasure. I cannot thank you enough. Albert, FL

Thank you once again for four days of great guiding and fishing. It was tough with not many tarpon around but you worked hard and found fish for us every day. Steep learning curve for me but I loved every minute of it. Intending coming back next year at the same time, money permitting, and I will definitely looking forward to fishing with you again. You are the Man for tarpon! Us Brits don't like it too easy that would be boring. Must have been pretty frustrating for you though with so few fish around. We did OK. Regards Alan, UK

I certainly want to come back again, but cannot do it on my own, so as long as Alan can make it, we will be back again next year that is for sure. You tried so hard to get the tarpon for us in what I know from previous experiences was pretty hopeless conditions at times, and I am really grateful for all your efforts.....Despite the lack of fish, we both had a real great time, and it was truly a pleasure to tarpon fish with you.

I will certainly keep in touch, and will try and make arrangements as soon as we possibly can, as we would want to fish with you for as many, or all of the days, as you are available, and I know you will get bookings for "Tarpon" season pretty far in advance, so accordingly we will try to confirm our arrangements as early as we are able.

Attached picture of Alan's first ever tarpon on the fly, pity we didn't get the big one to the boat for a picture, but at least he has it in his memory bank. Kindest regards, and good luck for the rest of the season. Brian, UK

Fishing with Florida guide Jeff Belsik in the flats of the lower Keys fro bonefish and permit was a great experience, one I’ll never forget. I caught a nice permit along with a couple of bonefish. Messed around with a few Barracuda witch was a gas. His knowledge of the waters and his fishing experience put us on fish. A great week all in all. Ken G.

Florida fishing guide Jeff Belsik’s knowledge of the Florida Keys comes from spending many hours on the water. He has built an understanding and feel for the environment which makes him a valuable asset for any bonefish, permit or tarpon fishing excursion. He knows the seasonal movements of all species of fish found in the Keys. This included permit, bonefish, shark, and cudas when I fished with him. You'll always have a good fishing day with Jeff, he'll work hard to make sure you catch fish. He's a good-natured guy with a fine sense of humor. You can't go wrong with him as your Florida Keys fishing guide. Tom C, Chicago, IL