Jeff is no longer taking any trips, refer to his links page for a guide he recommends.

His life reads like
An ancient tale
Of bigger than life men
Being lulled to the sea
By beautiful muses
With liltingly soul seducing voices reaching
Beyond the Jersey Shores
Beckoning, pleading
For him to revel in her bounty
And dance upon the ocean's currents.
Twenty years at her side,
This man's heart
Rising and falling in concert
With the sea's rhythms.
Muse-like himself
Bringing wounded mortals to nurture
Themselves at her bosom.
Offering tours to replenish men's captured souls
All the while knowing that he must cast them back
Into life's tumultuous arms.
Captain Jeff, a big man seduced
By the sea
A fisher of men's souls
And a tour guide of the ocean
And temporary inner peace.
By Nicole Richardson
June 25, 2012